Bitcoin ABC is the pre-eminent Bitcoin Cash protocol development team. Without Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Cash does not work.

  • The Bitcoin Cash ecosystem relies on the Bitcoin ABC full node software to continue producing almost all of the blocks, more than 95%.
  • Bitcoin ABC has specific expertise that enables miners and other Bitcoin Cash businesses to save time and money through greater efficiency. Our expertise contributes to your profitability.
  • We have a demonstrated track record of sticking to the project and following through on that commitment to Bitcoin Cash. We stand at the ready every day to counter the threats to Bitcoin Cash and ensure the network keeps running, doing the tedious backporting work and ensuring that, first and foremost, BCH survives.
  • Other cryptocurrency projects are not waiting for Bitcoin Cash. If we don’t grow, the rest of the space will move ahead of us. Remedying this only becomes more expensive the longer we wait. Bitcoin ABC is the only Bitcoin Cash protocol development team proven ready and capable of assuming this challenge.
  • Bitcoin ABC has already produced billions of dollars of value for ecosystem participants, and more than $1 billion in revenue for miners.
  • The work Bitcoin ABC has completed so far — on backports, cleaning up technical debt, implementing automated testing infrastructure and more — has us well-positioned now to make rapid progress on new features and significant improvements to the Bitcoin Cash protocol.
  • Bitcoin ABC produces 5-6 git commits per day, almost every day, with consistent biweekly releases, and has remained an effective team despite inadequate funding.
  • With Bitcoin ABC, you get your Bitcoin Cash full node software direct from the team that is maintaining and developing it ⁠— the experts. Our incentive is to provide the best experience because we depend on trust to survive.
  • We are focused on features that have the potential to grow Bitcoin Cash while also ensuring that our code runs efficiently and stably.
  • Bitcoin ABC led the fork from Bitcoin Core, leading to the creation of Bitcoin Cash.
  • Bitcoin ABC has maintained our leading full node software and the Bitcoin Cash network for 2.5 years on schedule and under budget.
  • With Bitcoin ABC, there is no vendor lock-in. You can audit the code and you have the freedom to adjust the code to your specific needs.


The Bitcoin ABC full node software for Bitcoin Cash does not run in a vacuum. Dependencies, such as libraries (for example, OpenSSL and BerkeleyDB) and operating systems are constantly updated by their developers. Advances and changes in tools and technology, such as SSD storage, new CPU architectures (such as ARM), high-DPI displays, black-swan CPU side-channel leaks and ever-evolving attacker tactics present constant challenges.

We must update our Bitcoin ABC full node software to keep up with these changes. We must be ever-vigilant. Standing still is not an option. We must run just to ensure Bitcoin Cash stays in place, and does not fall behind. Bitcoin ABC has been at the forefront of this hard work since the beginning of Bitcoin Cash.

The alternative to supporting Bitcoin ABC is code rot, software that breaks, software that is hard to run, software that requires additional maintenance and the abandonment of releases for lesser-used platforms.

And these represent the best-case scenario.

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