Bitcoin Cash businesses invest their resources to build applications and other software to serve customers and, eventually, make profits. 

Bitcoin Cash businesses are typically built on top of a Bitcoin Cash full node software, such as Bitcoin ABC’s. Every Bitcoin Cash application depends on having reliable full node software, software that is being proactively and continuously maintained by a group of dedicated professionals that have a proven track record.

Know the Risks

Businesses that choose to build on a Bitcoin Cash full node software that is backed by one person or a small, volunteer team are taking a great risk. What if that key person moves on to another project or another job? What if they experience a life event that makes it impossible to continue their work?

Open-source projects can of course be continued by other developers. But the fact is that many such projects are simply abandoned and discontinued. 

This leaves you, the business owner or operator, with a significant challenge. Now, you have to redesign your own software to work with another project’s Bitcoin Cash full node software. If this happens at the wrong moment, or just too late along your launch runway, the effect on your project could very well be devastating.

Are you Prepared

Are you prepared to develop and maintain the Bitcoin Cash full node software yourself, either directly or by hiring developers?

If not, or if such a result would eat through your own precious resources that you need to launch your own product, then it is wise to support a professional Bitcoin Cash full node software team that has a consistent track record of producing high-quality work. 

From a business perspective, spending a small portion of your budget to support the infrastructure your business relies on is similar to purchasing insurance. It helps protect your business. In addition, you can also reap other benefits such as on-call technical support, and marketing perks.

The Foundation

Having capable, funded partners is the foundation of your business success. Bitcoin ABC has proven to be both consistent and reliable in maintaining and developing a professional full node software for the Bitcoin Cash network.

We are eager to serve you even better in the future.

Join Us

Join us in building censorship-resistant P2P electronic cash for billions of daily users and realizing the vision that is Bitcoin Cash!

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