Bitcoin ABC is working on scaling Bitcoin Cash to handle the payments needs of billions of daily users and serve Bitcoin Cash businesses better. To that end, we offer these 6 problems that Bitcoin ABC provides solutions for.

1. Bitcoin Cash miners need a stable full node software for mining.

Bitcoin ABC solves this through detailed work that optimizes the Bitcoin ABC full node software for use in mining, with greater stability and less resource usage than other options. The team and the software have been battle-hardened from years as the primary node software used in production for mining BCH.

2. Bitcoin Cash needs to grow in order to achieve the P2P electronic cash vision.

Bitcoin Cash needs to grow. The alternative is further stagnation and the loss of initiative to other, funded coins. Bitcoin ABC is fully committed to a scaling roadmap that gets us to 10,000 or more transactions per second (TPS).

3. The Bitcoin Cash mempool has inherent limits that are keeping us from scaling.

We have prioritized a Mempool Overhaul project that will materially resolve this important challenge and set the stage for Bitcoin Cash to grow for decades to come.

4. Bitcoin Cash needs to come out of Bitcoin Core’s shadow and take leadership of the P2P electronic cash vision.

Bitcoin Core, from which Bitcoin ABC draws a lot of code and backports, is not developing the P2P electronic cash vision. Bitcoin ABC is. As long as we rely on Bitcoin Core backports to develop Bitcoin Cash, we can not take technical leadership and optimize Bitcoin Cash for global daily use by billions of people.

Bitcoin ABC solves this, with the Take Code Ownership project, which will allow Bitcoin Cash to step out of the shadow of Bitcoin Core, and truly take the lead on bringing peer-to-peer electronic cash to the world.

5. The context in which Bitcoin Cash operates is always changing, leading to code rot challenges.

Bitcoin ABC keeps its Bitcoin Cash full node software up to date with changing hardware, dependent libraries, user trends and much more, be it related to SSD adoption, increasing internet speeds, new bottlenecks, changing tradeoffs, new CPU architectures and other emerging challenges.

The Bitcoin ABC project maintains a methodical release cycle, with releases every two weeks. This predictable release cadence makes it easier to always run the latest release, which is the safest practice for Bitcoin ABC users

6. Emergencies, such as security vulnerabilities happen. Attackers get smarter by the day.

The Bitcoin ABC development team responds 24/7/365 to new threats, and has a proven track record of responding effectively to problems. The Bitcoin ABC development team also keeps the software fresh with ongoing code cleanups, bug fixes, and updates to minimize the risk of vulnerabilities.

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