Bitcoin ABC is the team behind the leading full node implementation of the Bitcoin Cash protocol. Bitcoin ABC led the fork that created Bitcoin Cash, and has maintained the leading Bitcoin Cash implementation for 2.5 years.

Bitcoin ABC has an outstanding track record of doing things that provide value. For 2.5 years, we have been doing things right, on time and under budget.

Scaling Now

Bitcoin ABC is focused on scaling Bitcoin Cash to serve the payments needs of billions of daily users. We aim to change civilization as we know it, and materially empower the world with greater liberty and prosperity.

Bitcoin ABC needs funding right now to continue the development of Bitcoin Cash towards goals that aim to improve miners’ efficiency and profitability and can enable many other Bitcoin Cash business plans.

Here is why.

  • Current Bitcoin ABC funding will be exhausted on 30 Jun 2020.
  • As Bitcoin Cash usage grows, every issue that is minor today becomes serious tomorrow. Waiting only promises to sully the reputation of Bitcoin Cash when users try it out and do not encounter a reliable experience. This is a direct threat to the Bitcoin Cash mission of becoming censorship-resistant P2P electronic cash for the world.
  • The more we delay resolving the challenge of funding Bitcoin ABC, the more expensive it will get, the more polarized the community will become and the more extreme will be the proposals to resolve it. Nothing good comes from waiting.
  • As a top-5 coin in terms of market capitalization, there is an enormous amount of value on the line with Bitcoin Cash. We must keep the Bitcoin ABC codebase up to date with other developments in order to safeguard the value and market position of Bitcoin Cash.
  • Currently 90% of Bitcoin ABC developer time goes into maintenance. New features barely register in the workload. If we want to scale, we need to improve this ratio. Funding is required to hire the engineering workforce we need to make this happen.
  • The work Bitcoin ABC has completed so far — on backports, cleaning up technical debt, implementing automated testing infrastructure and more — has us well-positioned now to make rapid progress on new features and significant improvements to the Bitcoin Cash protocol.
  • Without resources, progress will halt and Bitcoin Cash will not be able to compete with other cryptocurrencies that are innovating and scaling. Code rot will become a serious threat. What is a minor problem today, becomes a huge issue tomorrow.
  • Without significant funding, the temptation to prioritize short-term fixes over foundational changes, and the corresponding technical debt, becomes more threatening.
  • We have the potential to grow the Bitcoin Cash userbase radically, particularly in the developing world, but only if protocol development is sustainably funded to achieve important roadmap goals.

Join Us

Join the Bitcoin ABC team in building censorship-resistant peer-to-peer electronic cash for billions of daily users and realizing the vision that is Bitcoin Cash!

Visit to find our business plan, budget, delivery timeline, funding options and feedback mechanisms.

We can only do this together.

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