What we achieved with our funds last month.

Every month, we share a transparency report so stakeholders sponsoring the work done by Bitcoin ABC can see how their funds are being used. In September, we released three new versions of our software, shared a detailed framework for the upcoming Global Network Council, and helped businesses start preparing for the Bitcoin Cash network upgrade. 

With the prospect of stable funding in our future, we also started expanding the Bitcoin ABC team. We recruited three more software developers in September, with one joining the team last month and the other two joining in October. This is a key part of our plan to support and build value on Bitcoin Cash well into the future.

Read on for more details and links to what we’ve been working on!

Building network features and more

In total, we made 341 commits to our source code repository this month. Here’s a summary of the network features and other improvements we developed: 

We’re very excited that our team will soon be able to bring even more features to the Bitcoin Cash network—faster. After the network upgrade, thanks to reliable funding from the new coinbase rule, we’ll be able to hire more technical talent to progress the roadmap more quickly.

Communicating with our users

To recap, in August we released a new version of our software that secures reliable funding for infrastructure development through a new coinbase rule. We also introduced the Global Network Council, a new system that invites Bitcoin Cash stakeholders to decide how those funds will be reinvested back into the ecosystem. 

In September, we delved deeper into how this Global Network Council will work, sharing a detailed framework that explains the fund governance model and inviting stakeholders to sign up to get notified when applications open.

Helping businesses get ready for the upgrade 

With the next Bitcoin Cash network upgrade fast approaching, we turned our attention to making sure businesses were getting prepared. We published a detailed business support guide which we shared directly through email outreach, and we also provided ongoing technical support to businesses that reached out to us through the Bitcoin Cash helpdesk

Likewise, we kept users informed with relevant announcements through our Twitter channel and our lead developer, Amaury Séchet, helped to clear up misinformation surrounding the network upgrade by taking part in two interviews (one with Crypt0 and the other with Coin Fugazi). 

Supporting Bitcoin Cash users

We’re in the process of refreshing the BitcoinCash.org website to make it easier for new users to get started, and we shared the first wave of changes last month. 

We also continued to edit and publish individual talks from the forkday livestream, and we supported users that reached out to us with Bitcoin Cash related queries via the helpdesk or other channels. 

Income and expenditures 

The income numbers include amounts received from fundraising donations and ongoing sponsorships. These contributions are hugely appreciated by the entire Bitcoin ABC team! 

Bitcoin ABC September 2020 income


Bitcoin ABC September 2020 expenditures

Equipment and Infra24.89382704

Our team members

As of September 30, 2020, the Bitcoin ABC team was made up of: 

  • Six software engineers (plus two more that were scheduled to start in October)
  • One technical operations manager
  • One content marketing manager

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