The domain, which is sometimes referred to as the official website for Bitcoin Cash, will not be managed by the Bitcoin ABC team moving forward. 

We will focus on continuing to provide reliable, thoroughly-tested Bitcoin Cash node software while letting others oversee the domain and associated assets.

Why did we transfer the domain?

We helped build in 2017. Since then, we have managed the website to make sure users and businesses had access to the information they needed. In addition to general website optimization and maintenance, our work included a recent refresh of the homepage, providing support on the helpdesk, and growing the brand’s Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter channels.

Moving forward, we will continue to maintain reliable Bitcoin ABC node software for businesses in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. If the November 15 network upgrade results in a viable chain split, we will continue to maintain node implementations for both chains, and we will also work to build value on the chain with the new coinbase rule. As such, we felt it was an appropriate time for us to transfer to a new owner.

Supporting businesses moving forward

To make sure businesses and users receive the support they need during the network upgrade, we will manage the helpdesk until all upgrade-related tickets are resolved. Once we have handed over the helpdesk, we will continue to support businesses running Bitcoin ABC software directly.