Following the launch of Electrum ABC, it is now much easier to split your BCH (previously BCHN) and BCHA coins from each other. You simply need to use your Electrum ABC wallet alongside an Electron Cash wallet, as we explain in this step-by-step coin splitting guide:

How it works

Because both wallets use a block-height-based locktime on transactions, and the BCH and BCHA blockchains are at very different heights, BCH coins sent using Electron Cash cannot be replayed on the BCHA network for several days. This makes it easy to split coins by sending two separate transactions on the two networks without having to use “split dust”.

How to split your coins

Step one: Electron Cash

  • Send BCH to yourself in Electron Cash. If you are splitting with a previously-existing Electron Cash wallet, simply open that wallet. You can also import other wallets into Electron Cash by selecting “File” then “New/Restore” and following those steps. If you don’t already have Electron Cash, you can install it here.

  • To split all the coins in your wallet, go to the “Send” tab and click “Max” after the amount. Alternatively, you can split individual coins from “Addresses” by right-clicking the address you want to split and selecting “Spend from”, and then clicking the “Max” button.

  • Go to the “Receive” tab and copy the receiving address.

  • Go back to the “Send” tab and paste the address into the “Pay to” field.

  • Click on the “Preview” button, and make sure that the address in the “Output” box is colored green. The green address indicates that you are sending the coins to yourself in the same wallet. You can also check that the “Input” coins are the coins that you want to split.

  • If everything looks okay, click “Sign” and then “Broadcast”.

Step two: Electrum ABC

  • Send coins to yourself in Electrum ABC. If you do not already have Electrum ABC installed, you can get it here. Upon installation, Electrum ABC will copy existing Electron Cash wallets for you.

  • In Electrum ABC, select the same coin or coins that were split in step one above, and begin a transaction in the “Send” tab.

  • Go to the “Address” tab. Right-click and copy the second unused address from the “Receiving” list. Make sure that this address is different than the one used in step one above.

  • Go back to the Send tab and paste this different receiving address in the “Pay to” field.

  • Click on the “Preview” button to inspect the transaction. Again, check that the “Output” address is green, meaning that you are sending to yourself. Also check that the “Input” addresses are the same, and the “Output” address is different than the ones used when sending coins on the BCH network in Step one.

  • If everything looks okay, click “Sign” and then “Broadcast”.

Step three: block explorers

  • Wait for confirmations, and check block explorers for both chains. In both Electron Cash and Electrum ABC, this can be done from the “History” tab by right-clicking on the transaction, and choosing “View on block explorer”.

  • Make sure that the coins have gone to different addresses on either chain. When you have confirmations on both chains, you have successfully split your coins. Congratulations!