What we achieved with our funds last month.

Every month, we share a transparency report so that Bitcoin ABC stakeholders can see how funds are being used.

 In November, a chain split occurred during the Bitcoin Cash network upgrade, which resulted in the birth of a coin known as “BCHA”. This coin implements coinbase funding, which will allow Bitcoin ABC to devote ongoing resources to support the success and growth of the network.

In November, Bitcoin ABC  made 319 commits to our source code repository, made two releases (0.22.6 and 0.22.7) of our node software supporting both BCH and BCHA, and continued to support businesses through the upgrade.

Building the BCHA network 🌐

With the creation of BCHA as it’s own network, we worked to provide support and infrastructure for it.

  • We added a resource page to help users find BCHA services.
  • We released CashTab, a web wallet for BCHA.
  • On November 23rd we announced Electrum ABC, a BCHA wallet for power users. This is a fork of Electron Cash, which will be maintained for use with BCHA.
  • We  published a guide to help users split their coins between BCH and BCHA.
  • We set up gRPC and other API services to help developers work with BCHA.

Income and expenditures 

The income numbers include amounts received from fundraising donations, ongoing sponsorships, and the new coinbase rule on BCHA.

With the network upgrade, Bitcoin ABC began receiving income from the new coinbase rule, starting on Nov 15th, at 12:00 UTC. This report reports half of the 8% amount as income for Bitcoin ABC.

At the end of November, we were notified that our largest ongoing sponsorship would be ended. This will affect our income going forward, beginning in December.

Bitcoin ABC November 2020 Income

Coinbase rule – 4%265.939859415

Bitcoin ABC November 2020 Expenditures

Equipment and Infra37.13870696

Our team members

As of 30 November 2020, the Bitcoin ABC team was made up of: 

  • Eight software engineers
  • One operations manager
  • One content marketing manager

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