When Bitcoin ABC announced the plan form the Global Network Council (GNC), the stated intention was to hold the first meeting in January 2021. We are still planning to hold a GNC meeting in early 2021, though it will be delayed somewhat from the original January target.

What happened

At the time of the original GNC announcements, it was not clear what the outcome of the November upgrade would be. As the situation for Bitcoin ABC changed, we have had to make several changes and adjustments to reflect the new reality of being supported by BCHA coinbase funding. Part of this new reality has meant slower pace of activity in certain areas, as we adjust to a more sustainable state.

Here are some of the changes Bitcoin ABC has made in the past couple months:

  • We shifted from supporting BCH and BCHA, to focusing exclusively on BCHA.
  • We rolled out new infrastructure to support the new BCHA ecosystem, including an explorer, two wallets (CashTab and Electrum ABC), GRPC servers, application developers tools, and a resource page with links to other products and services.
  • We continue to develop the Bitcoin ABC node software, tackling technical debt, working towards new features such as Avalanche post-consensus, all while maintaining our cadence of making releases every two weeks.
  • We have reduced the number of paid personnel from 10 to 4. Some of this reduction was for budgetary reasons (to adjust our expenditure of resources to be more in line with the level available from the 4% coinbase funding), and some was for other non-budgetary reasons. This reduction has had a large effect on our marketing and communications capacity. In addition to our four paid developers, we also have two people working on a volunteer basis.
  • Aside from working to build the network, the team also continued our ongoing support to users of the network, such as miners and exchanges. This accounted for more effort than usual in the early weeks of the BCHA network.

Going Forward

Bitcoin ABC remains fully committed to the success of BCHA. We are setting ourselves up to sustainably support the project for the long term. Though progress in some areas has been slower than we had hoped, we continue to build the technical foundations for BCHA, as well as working towards other important tasks such as the GNC meeting. We also believe that having a strong brand is critical to the success of BCHA, and we are working to make that happen as quickly as possible.

We would like to thank all of our supporters for their patience while we work to build a sustainable foundation for the future of BCHA.